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The Hungry Soul Podcast with Rachel Foy
How to stop binge eating and emotional eating

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Rachel Foy

With over 12 years of experience both in the UK and Dubai, she is a food addiction therapist and eating psychology coach and is a qualified clinical and cognitive hypnotherapist, nutritional therapist, homeopath, an NLP, EFT + BWRT practitioner and a teacher of spirituality, soul work and feminine magic.

Rachel Foy is an internationally acclaimed expert in eating dysfunction, an author and podcaster and an advocate for Health at Every Size (HAES®) and is also a pioneer in eating psychology and the creator of The Food Addiction Recovery Method™.
Rachel is the author of ‘The Hungry Soul’ and a passionate speaker on all topics related to food dysfunction, diet culture, body image, female empowerment and addiction recovery. She has been featured in local and national press including TV.
She lives in Cheshire with her husband Simon (who was the best man at her sister’s wedding, quite a story!) with their son and daughter. When she isn’t helping women open their eyes to what is really going on underneath their addictive eating and then giving them the tools to change it, you’ll find her in cafes, drinking coffee, eating cake and taking strolls in the beautiful Cheshire countryside.